Visia Skin Analysis looks below your skin to find all the defects that may be causing various skin irregularities such as fine lines, wrinkles, spots, or other blemishes.

What is a Visia Skin Analysis Machine?

The digital Visia skin analysis machine is used to reveal skin problems that you already have or may develop. Your skin imperfections are magnified and presented on-screen. This allows us to act before they develop further or become more serious. The process identifies six of the main problems that can affect your skin quality, complexion and the overall health of your skin. These are:


Unfortunately, wrinkles are a natural and inevitable part of the ageing process. As you age, your skin gets thinner, it dries out and loses some elasticity. It is then less able to protect itself from damage. The result is wrinkles, creases and lines. Other factors such as smoking can hasten the appearance of wrinkles.


Although not a medical issue, enlarged pores present a cosmetic concern for many. The main causes of enlarged facial pores are a high excretion of sebum, an oily secretion, reduced elasticity around the pores, and an increase in the volume of hair follicles. Other causes are acne, sex hormones and the choice of skin regimen.


Small hair follicles in the skin each have a sebaceous gland attached. They secrete sebum to stop the skin and hair from drying out. Spots and pimples can develop when the skin’s sebaceous oil glands are clogged and inflamed

Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is also known as hyperpigmentation. It is an irregular darkening of the skin which is caused by an overproduction of melanin. This is the pigment that is responsible for hair and skin colour. The dark patches and spots that result are often seen as skin that has aged. It can make you look much older.

UV Spots

Sun damage spots on the skin are a result of UV-ray exposure. Those who spend more time in direct sunlight are at greater risk of developing them. The nose, ears, neck and shoulders are most often affected because of their regular exposure to the sun.


Porphyrins are excretions of bacteria. They can become lodged in pores and therefore result in acne. Porphyrins appear fluorescent in UV light and appear as circular white spots.

Identifying Treatment Options

Once we have identified the problem areas with your skin we can then help you to take preventive measures or undertake the correct course of treatment.  During the Visia Skin Analysis, you are also given a comparison of your skin’s characteristics with that of other women of your age and ethnic group. It is a well-rounded analysis of your skin’s current condition that allows us to recommend the most appropriate from our wide range of Environ treatments

Visia Skin Analysis Events

At The Face and Body Clinic, we hold regular events where we undertake Visia skin analysis. This gives you the opportunity to view otherwise hidden elements of your skin and begin the correct treatment protocol. Take the first step towards finding the most effective skin rejuvenation treatment. Don’t wait for unwanted surprises. Know what your skin is hiding with Visia skin analysis.