Ageing – Delaying the Inevitable?

Most of us worry about ageing and we hope to delay it if we can. Cells called fibroblasts exist in the deeper layers of the skin. They produce collagen, which with elastin and keratin make the skin strong and supple. Unfortunately, these cells are less active as we get older, and as a result,  we lose skin tone, contours can form and wrinkles will appear. Some will seek injectable solutions but these are very invasive. Botox injections can be painful and cause bruising and is only a short-term solution.

Why Choose a Collagen Stimulating Facial?

Facial treatments are a key strategy in defying the effects of ageing. Collagen Stimulation Therapy™ uses the body’s own healing powers to smooth the skin and achieve first class results. This high-end treatment is perfect for tackling the visible signs of ageing.  The process also helps with acne scarring, slack skin, stretch marks, an uneven skin tone and blood vessels that are dilated.

What Does a Collagen Stimulating Facial Entail?

A roller with tiny needles stimulates those areas needing treatment. This basically awakens the skin. The very mild trauma caused by the needles activates collagen to repair and revitalise. Some people might know the technique as needling or micro needling. A redness like a mild sunburn will soon disappear to reveal the results. The effects are enhanced with collagen-boosting vitamins and repeat visits.

Getting the Best Results

For optimum results, we advise a course of either 6 or 12 treatments along with the collagen-boosting vitamin supplements. It is also necessary to use homecare products before and after the treatments. To assist the body’s own collagen production there is also some self-help advice. Seek sunlight, but avoid its harmful UV radiation. Avoid foods that are laden with sugar and most definitely do not smoke cigarettes.