A range of products that are only available in professional salons, Environ is the number one choice of many exclusive beauty spas and salons throughout the world because of its global reputation and unique ethos.

Environ Products Background Information

Environ is a highly regarded skincare brand.  Its origins are based on science, lengthy research and case studies. The company’s founder was South African, Dr Des Fernandes who is one of the top ten plastic surgeons in the world. He also specialises in sun-damaged skin which has been key to developing the Environ range. The parent company IIAA (The Institute for Anti-Ageing) has three separate ranges.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme

ANP promotes skin care from the inside-out by using high-end supplements. A carefully developed mix of all natural vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, will complement treatments to leave your skin vibrant and glowing. When it comes to skincare, what you put inside your body is as vital as creams and other topical applications.

Feeding skin from within turbocharges the effects of skin care creams and in-salon treatments.

Loarraine Peretta – iiaa Head of Nutrition

Environ Skin Care Products

The Environ range is a global leader in professional skin care. For Environ, it is Vitamin A that is the life-blood of skin care. Their unique Step-Up System helps the skin to adjust to increasing doses of Vitamin A and thus preventing an adverse reaction. It is important that this is monitored carefully. This is why the range is only available to professional salons and trained beauty therapists.

Jane Iredale  – The Skin Care Make-Up

Jane Iredale worked in film and TV which meant that she learned the importance of high quality and healthy mineral-based makeup. Her work with doctors and plastic surgeons helped her to develop a makeup range that was actually good for the skin. The products are free of oils, dyes and fillers. They are also water-resistant, include a sun-protection factor and are full of high-grade minerals and antioxidants. This makes them perfect to apply after facial treatments as they complement the Environ Skincare range.

Environ Products Create the Perfect Combination

The Face and Body Clinic regards the Environ range as peerless in regard to natural skincare. The combination of all three product ranges is a powerful tool that delivers healthy, youthful-looking skin.